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As I continue my Round-The-World trip, I have been camera-spotting on 4 continents! Keep in mind that these observations are based on a random sample but it is clear that the landscape of digital cameras has changed.

  • DSLRs are still very popular. We see tons of entry-level APS-C cameras, mostly with kit lenses, and also plenty of full-frame ones and high-end lenses, some also on mid-range DSLRs.
  • Mirrorless are extremely popular in Europe and the far-east. Japanese tourists and Western Europeans now sport much more mirrorless cameras than any other types.
  • South Americans prefer mirrorless and we see few DSLRs there. We still see a good number of standard point-and-shoot cameras. Canon and Sony are easily the most popular brands there.
  • Europeans are partial to mirrorless cameras, mostly sporting Olympus. A huge percentage of cameras carried by Europeans are OM-D or PEN, at least 70%. The rest of mirrorless seems mostly divided equally between Sony and Panasonic.
  • In Africa, cellphones dominate by a huge margin. Tourists from northern Europe and, in particular Russia, bring a lot of large full-frame DSLRs there, followed by a good number of full-frame Sony mirrorless.
  • Asia is still divided. The Vietnamese particularly carry a surprisingly high number of DSLRs, mostly APS-C entry and mid-level models. Japanese seem to carry at least 80% of mirrorless cameras. Here Fuji makes quite a showing, at least 40% of mirrorless. This is followed by Olympus and then by Panasonic in similar numbers.
  • Americans more often than not carry DSLRs. When not with a DSLR, we now see a good number of premium compacts, mostly from Sony. Premium Panasonic cameras also make frequent appearance in the hands of tourists in Asia. Lots of people still use ultra-zooms from Canon and Nikon as a travel camera.
  • Spotted exactly one Nikon 1 camera. Spotted exactly 2 Leica digital range-finder, on one couple which had matching cameras and lenses. The majority of people carry one DSLR per family, although see a number of couples with two or two mirrorless. There are couples with different systems (one Fuji, one Olympus, for example), does that cause many arguments? 🙂

Mirrorless cameras are growing very strong. It is clear that Sony made some good sales! Fuji though has had the most dramatic progress. Before their mirrorless cameras were launched, Fuji has a small part of the market but now it is quite significant. Some of their premium cameras are quite popular too. Pentax, now under the Ricoh helm, is going the other way. Only 2 Pentax were spotted in the last two months of travel.

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