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Every year, Neocamera chooses the best digital cameras for each category and type of photographic subject. The 2013 set of Best Digital Cameras was just published. Those not sure what to buy can easily find a great camera among those. Every chosen cameras is the most outstanding model currently available in its respective category.

Unlike last year which had a big shake-up, 2013 introduced plenty of minor upgrades and a good number of models kept their top spot from 2012. The biggest area of growth was among mirrorless cameras which got upgraded and took on new markets. This made 2013 an exciting year for advanced photographers who want quality and performance with less bulk than a DSLR.

For professional photographers, 2013 is a turning point where a high number have decided to go mirrorless, either as a main or as a backup system. With the advent of the Olympus OM-D E-M1, mirrorless cameras offer all high-end photographic features, including a sturdy weather-sealed and freezeproof body.

The recently-reviewed Nikon 1 AW1 also became the first – and currently only – waterproof interchangeable lens camera. With a suitable lens, it can be submerged 15 meters underwater or dropped from 2 meters high.

This year manufacturers concentrated on delivering fewer models than before, while aiming at the mid-to-high segment of the market. 2014 is most likely to continue that trend but we also expect to see several top-of-the-line DSLRs as flagship cameras are starting to show their age.

This year our publication of the Best Digital Cameras of 2013 is later than usual because so many high-end models have just arrived. We have several reviews in progress, so stay tuned for detailed reviews of the Pentax K-3, Nikon D610 and Fuji X-E2 to be published soon!

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