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Thanks to AnandTech for confirming my fears about the Sony Alpha A350 and most likely about the A300 too. No doubt that Sony should be commended for taking a new approach to live-view in order to address on of its most serious limitations, slow focusing speeds. Unfortunately, their work-around introduced a far more serious problem. AnandTech confirms that the A350’s live-view has coverage of 90%! This is far worst than any DSLR’s optical viewfinder and any fixed-lens camera’s live-preview. At least with slow focusing, you can wait for the image to be in focus or do it yourself with manual-focusing. With the A350, no amount of waiting will bring the coverage to 100%. This clearly negates on of live-view’s most important advantages.

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One response to “AnandTech Confirms Fears About Sony Alpha A350”

  1. Sony Alphah says:

    I don’t have several hours to do a proper review on this excellent camera, but I can quickly share the high points. It has great “human factor” engineering, meaning it fits your hands like a glove and all the controls are easy to access. The camera/lens combo is very light and easy to handle. If you have any Minolta lenses, they fit. The ability to view the picture on the large, bright LCD instead of through the viewfinder is a definite plus in many situations. 14+ megapixels … really, how many more do you need?

    Here’s the bottom line … I worked for Kodak, I’ve been a serious amateur photographer for decades, I’ve shot thousands of pictures (hundreds so far with this camera) and it leaves nothing that I can think of to be desired. If you want to spend more bucks on a Nikon or Canon, have fun. But for my money, this little beauty is a clear winner.



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