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Neocamera Blog is not Neocamera. It is a medium for expressing ideas related to digital cameras and photography. Occasionaly, a loose tangent from these topics may be taken with the intention to put digital photography in the context of technology, media, art and the world.

Neocamera Blog is not an infomertial for Neocamera. It is designed to complement the tight focus of Neocamera with broader and potentially more subjective subjects. Updates to Neocamera will be posted in their own category, but won’t be repeated here.

Itai Danan is the principal author of both Neocamera and Neocamera Blog. He is a leading expert on digital photography and has been using digital cameras since 2002 to share experiences and emotions through breath-taking travel photography. His online gallery showcases  fine-art photography from Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Montreal and more.

In 2011, he launched a site dedicated to panorama photography to instruct photographers on how to make panorama photos, plus the panorama software and suggested equipment.

Itai Danan leads an annual photo tour to Ecuador, an incredibly photogenic land with an unmatched variety of subjects. After that a photo tour to Peru was added, visiting some lesser traveled areas of this mysterious land. Expect more of his travel photography tours to appear at Neovoyage.

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