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50 Gifts For Under $50 USD

Just-in-time for the holidays, Neocamera published a selection of 50 gifts for photographers, all currently available for under $50 USD. Check it out for the photographers (or aspiring ones) in your life. Prices range from $5 to $49 and there are things to suit all sorts of photography needs. Should you feel generous to give something bigger, check out the Best Digital Cameras of 2012.

Faster Camera Bag

Those buying a digital camera or shopping for a lens will be please to know that the Camera Bag launched two years ago here has been make faster than ever. You can now add and remove cameras or lenses instantly without the whole page refreshing. HTML 5 now required. To speed things up, we removed the collapse and expand features which one one visitor used during the last year! If you see any glitches, please refresh the page as your broswer may have cached parts of the old bag.

Camera Bag Example

Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

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