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Among Fuji’s 24 new cameras, the S-series gets 5 new additions. These ultra-zooms will sport different names in certain markets which means that Fuji added 10 model numbers to their S-series in one shot! All these digital cameras are equipped with a 14 megapixels CCD capable of ISO 1600 at full-resolution and 720p HD video recording.

As previous S-series ultra-zooms, all these models are aimed at intermediate users and feature full manual-controls, custom white-balance, spot metering, partial-coverage (97%) electronic viewfinders (EVF) and stabilized lenses. They also all run on readily available AA batteries which give them each a battery-life of about 700 shots-per-charge according to the CIPA standard.

Here are the new ultra-zoom models:

This certainly seems like the shotgun approach to seeing what sells. From 24X to 30X we have all the zoom factors in 2X increments accounted for. Fuji must have optimized their production pipeline to put a different lens in each camera with ease, yet it does seem overkill as the suggested price point for these cameras differs by $20 to $40 USD. These models will all be available between now and March 2011.

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