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The latest ultra-zoom from Nikon which packs a 42X optical zoom lens equivalent to 25-1000mm along with a 16 megapixels BSI-CMOS sensor capable of 1080p HD video capture just got a full digital camera review published at Neocamera.

This camera is amazingly compact for its reach which is enough to get a closeup framing of the moon which you can see in the Nikon P510 sample images page. As always, the gallery also contains full resolution samples at all ISO settings including one from the B&W ISO 12800 special-effects mode.  While we have seen 30 to 36X cameras before, Nikon making the jump strait to 42X is quite impressive and gives a truly lightweight option for wildlife and bird photography. It certainly wont have the speed of a DSLR but the weight difference is unreal.

Read on the Nikon Coolpix P510 review to find out how it performs.

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