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Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season! This has been a fantastic year for digital cameras and a very busy year at Neocamera is closing. We hope you all add a great year too. Be prepared to photograph your holidays vacations and activities and maybe unwrap some new photographic gear!

If you are still shopping, be sure to check out the Best Cameras of 2013 published last month. It awards the best cameras of the year so you don’t have to read much to find something suitable. A number of online stores such as B&H Photo are offering fast two-day shipping free of charge to get your new camera in time. 50 Photography Gifts for Under $50 lists accessories for photographers in your life.

We have reviews already under way for 2014 but it’s time for a short break. The first week of January expect a flood of news from CES which will be published right here with our own unique point-of-view, so stay tuned.

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Fuji is announcing the availability of the planned XF10-24mm F/4R OIS. This ultra-wide-angle lens offers a constant aperture zoom equivalent to 15 to 36mm on a full-frame which gives a strong sense of perspective for architecture and landscape photography.

The XF10-24mm F/4R is built to high standards for both image-quality and construction. Its optics feature 4 aspherical lenses and 3 extra-low-dispersion elements to maximize sharpness. Fuji’s own Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) adds to flare resistance and ghosting. The lens barrel, aperture and focus rings are all made of metal with tight tolerances.

Fujinon XF10-24mm F/4R OIS

The internal focus mechanism lets the XF10-24mm F/4R OIS focus quickly down to a minimum working distance of 24cm. This lens is also equipped with an optical image-stabilization system, something which is rare among ultra-wide angle lenses. Also not so common is the inclusion of a filter-thread, this one being 72mm in diameter.

Despite a constant maximum aperture, this lens has a auto aperture-switch and an unmarked aperture-ring. It also accepts a bayonet lens hood to block stray light from entering the lens.

The Fuji XF10-24mm F/4R OIS is scheduled to ship in March 2014 for a suggested retail price of $999 USD or CDN.

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The Fuji X-E2 is Fuji’s latest high-end mirrorless camera and it offers the same 16 megapixels X-Trans CMOS II sensor as on the highly acclaimed X100S reviewed here. This unique sensor offers a special 6×6 color-grid-array which requires no anti-alias filter plus built-in Phase-Detect AF, making the X-E2 one of only two mirrorless without an anti-alias filter and Phase-Detect AF. This promising combination of critical sharpness and speed is the focus of Neocamera’s in-depth Fuji X-E2 review.

Fuji X-E2


The Fuji X-E2 follows the similar-looking X-E1 with a great number of very welcome usability improvements which are highlighted (quite literally) in the just published review. The X-E2 holds Fuji’s lead among mirrorless cameras, delivering superb image-quality with competitive performance for their ever-expanding system.

Read the Fuji X-E2 review for all the details. The image-gallery which provides full-resolution images at all full-stop ISO sensitivities, illustrates well what the X-E2 is capable of.

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DxOMark just unveiled their measurements of the all-new Nikon Df. With a total overall score of 89, it matches the Nikon D4 reviewed here but it a relatively-speaking more compact body. Interestingly, the Df manages the highest low-light score ever on DxOMark at a 3279, besting the D3S.

Nikon Df

The retro-styled full-frame DSLR offers a 16 megapixels sensor with a native ISO range of 100 – 12800, expandable to 50 – 204800 which only the D4 can match. With a retail price of $2750, the Df makes extreme low-light photography more affordable than ever.

Nikon designed a Special Edition AF-S 50mm F/1.8G lens which is sold bundled with a Nikon Df and is immediately available at B&H Photo, currently for $2997 which is a great deal if you need a normal full-frame lens. The Nikon Df alone will be available very shortly and both B&H Photo and Adorama are already taking preorders for it.

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Nikon D610

An express review of the Nikon D610 was just published. This follow-up to the ground-breaking D600 continues with all the same specifications in an identical body which holds a revised shutter mechanism. This new shutter provides a 6 FPS continuous drive and an all-new 3 FPS quiet continuous drive mode too.

This just-published review exposes the differences between the D610 and D600 and offers a comparison of image-quality at all ISO sensitivities. Read the Nikon D610 eview and see image-quality in the gallery of full-resolution images.

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